Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Custom made is our standard

At Sinclair Upton Capital Management, all of the attributes that show what is individual about you, such as your previous investing experience, your chronology, hopes for the future, resources, and risk acceptance, underscore the fundamental distinction in our philosophy. We believe in creating an investment strategy that is tailored to you alone, and we strive to make good on that undertaking based on these core philosophies:

Understanding you and your aspirations

One size does not fit all in the investment arena in the same way it does not in other aspects of life. People are diverse and so are their aims, ambitions and viewpoints. We strive to know and understand you better, right from the moment we first meet; then we do our utmost to bring together the best, most suitable financial plan to help you realise your objectives.

Shaping an investment approach matched exclusively to you

Some investment managers simplify their business by recommending standardised models, upon which they hang your investments – along with many other peoples at the same time. In contrast, at Sinclair Upton Capital Management, each and every portfolio is individually created to correspond with your circumstances in the same way that hand tailored clothes are fitted to the wearer. By having regular interaction and discussions with you, we can be one step ahead of events and fine-tune any part of this approach as your life evolves.

Staying independent and impartial

Every investment suggestion and piece of advice that we give is arrived at by relying on our expertise, judiciousness and thorough independent analysis. We do not have to bow to pressure to promote our own products over any other or hit sales targets that could affect either the approach we established with you or the strategies we use to achieve them.

Treating our clients as we would wish to be treated

We have grown Sinclair Upton Capital Management to become the type of company that we would want ourselves and our families to do business with. We treat our clients as individuals and not just accounts. Our team is approachable, open and unpretentious - and they are excellent listeners.

Inspiring confidence in your choices

We want you to thoroughly understand and be in no doubt about the strategy we put together for your future, and we are more than willing to discuss any aspect of our advice until you are comfortable. Whether you choose an active approach to your investments or prefer to take more of a back seat, we want you to be at ease with the decisions we arrive at, and with the goals we are on the path to achieving.

Following the proven tenets of judicious financial management

At Sinclair Upton Capital Management, we follow the proven tenets of judicious financial management and handle your money responsibly. As your life and financial circumstances evolve, we will coordinate with you to fine-tune your strategy correspondingly. We also regularly evaluate your holdings to better predict any need to alter your long-term approach.

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