Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk Management

Skilled evaluation and extensive possibilities with Sinclair Upton Capital Management

Risk is a part of life - and we understand that completely at Sinclair Upton Capital Management. This does not mean that steps cannot be taken to reduce your exposure and lessen the potential impact unforeseen events and circumstances can play in affecting your life, financially and personally.

Sinclair Upton Capital Management will work with you to look at the most suitable and appropriate ways to minimise the financial impact risk can exert on your business, resources and personal life. Factors to consider include professional and personal liabilities, property loss, serious illness and incapacity. A thorough review will enable us to identify potential sources of risk for you, explore methods to mitigate them whenever possible, and if necessary recommend suitable insurance so that you can be assured that you are covered if even the worst happens.

Resource protection planning deals with risks to your wealth. Legal action, misfortunes, damage to property, and other monetary pitfalls are routine aspects of life, and asset protection planning looks to reduce the effect of these incidents via insurance, repositioning asset ownership, and other protections allowable under the law.

Some of our skills in this area include:

  • Insurance requirement review and discussion
  • Insurance product and price differences
  • Income replacement evaluation
  • Insurance application
“Indeed, better risk management may be the only truly necessary element of success in banking.”

—Alan Greenspan

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