Our Sinclair Upton Capital Management Team

Our Sinclair Upton Capital Management Team

Our Sinclair Upton Capital Management Team

Across-the-board expertise dedicated to you

At Sinclair Upton Capital Management each member of our established team is a skilled professional who will get to know you on a personal level, to guide you towards achieving your long-term financial aspirations, and to communicate with you in the same respectful way that we would expect to be treated ourselves.

Our team is connected by a shared ethos of mutual respect along with a work ethic based on creative thinking and leadership. At the heart of Sinclair Upton Capital Management’s success is a deep-rooted culture of employee ownership which ensures that management’s performance is allied with the interests of shareholders. Our culture is unique and is based on the principles of entrepreneurship, responsibility and partnership.

Peter Sinclair

Chief Executive Officer



Gideon Nomme

Chief Trading Officer



Sheldon Gregowski

Director of Private Clients



Murray Weiss

Head of Accounts



Derick Chetty

Head of Retail Accounts



Nicolas Martin

Head of Trading



“Since our company’s first trade, we have encouraged a culture in which the concerns of our clients always come first. In line with these values, we are an independent privately owned and managed company that serves the market for value-added private wealth management for high net worth individuals, families and like-minded organisations -- clients who want to develop a relationship with professionals they can trust, who will go all-out to protect, grow and, just as importantly, manage their wealth for this and future generations.”

Peter Sinclair

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