Business Planning

Business Planning

Business Planning

Preparing for the future with Sinclair Upton Capital Management

At Sinclair Upton Capital Management we will work with you to understand and plan ahead for the particular needs of business owners and shareholders. For the majority of business owners, their business is their most substantial asset, and its continued viability has a direct and dramatic impact on the quality of life for the owner and their extended family.

Failure to carefully plan ahead could result in the inability of your business to fully support you in your retirement, or your family may not gain the full benefit of your hard work after your death.

Planning for each phase in the life of your business

At Sinclair Upton Capital Management we help pinpoint the hazards that all companies face and the implications for your business and personal life. Some of the many factors to take into account include the type of business you are in, your location, how well your business is managed, your personnel and taxes. Business risk management helps to set out available alternatives to help mitigate these threats. Our methods bring together a strategy for the life cycle of the business preparing for potential perils laying out a plan for succession.

Defining appropriate compensation procedures

Different companies have differing strategies for rewarding their workforce, and this can be primarily affected by the size of the organisation. While small or family-run businesses tend to have more clear-cut approaches, sizeable organisations with multiple management layers can have complex structures in place. These could involve cash as well as other benefits such as retirement and insurance plans, options for additional stock and bonus incentives.

Preparing for a seamless transition

Succession planning centres on the handover of a business from the current owner to the next. While some aspects of the transition will differ dramatically because of the differing types of business, some elements are consistent across all sectors. Having the company in a condition that is attractive to sell or transfer and deciding on the precise mechanism for the transition is germane to all companies. Other factors in planning a transition include positioning the business for selling, defining the value and conditions and readying senior management.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

—Benjamin Franklin

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